The Cult of Celebrity

Have you ever wondered why people on social media post the most trivial and self-indulgent nonsense? I discuss this wave of home-based COVID-19 attention-seeking, in my own 'attention-seeking' podcast. I then double down by playing the guitar at the end. There is also a light-hearted analysis of EU lockdown differences as well as that Dominic Cummings' road trip.  We end with the age-old question of whether or not Spain needs yet another guitarist. Of course, it does!!! 

As UK confirmed cases of coronavirus exceeds 100k; a figure based on marginal testing, I talk about the differences between the UK and European approach. I ask the question: Is Britain once again the ‘sick man of Europe'? and was Brexit ideology responsible for this? I also talk about my own difficulties in coping with our stricter regime in Spain and some surprising solutions. Background squeaking credits: Kira the dog.

When I was first asked to talk about my book, I found it quite a challenge. How do you summarise a novel? So here is a short recording of me trying to do exactly that. The guitar is that of, Andrea Gonzalez Caballero, playing Serenata Española by Joaquim Malats. Check her out and whilst you are at it, maybe download a Kindle version of Permissive Ink, now only 1.99.

I was lucky enough to be invited onto The Book Show by Hannah Murray to talk about my debut novel: Permissive Ink. I talk about why I wrote the book and why my wife, two children and I became black belts in karate in Spain. I also discuss the writing process, and what you need to know if you are going to write a book. I am sure you are. Find out what can go wrong and how to overcome it. After 17 Years in Spain, I would not change a thing, although believe me, I made plenty of mistakes.